About us

Our story

The company was born in 1966 on the initiative of Renzo Marmiroli, who transformed the original and historical production of door and window frames into the manufacture of kitchens on a contractor basis. The business then went on to specialise in the production of semi-finished furniture items for the kitchen, bathroom, office and small items in general.

From the present to the future

Today MR Marmiroli, managed by Luca e Paolo Marmiroli, produces semi-finished and complete kitchensin kit form, as well as furniture in general. Using special programs, the technical office of MR Marmiroli, designs and develops all executive drawings for line production and CAM production. Each project created by MR Marmiroli is stored on file, thereby enabling the reproduction of any damaged part over the years.

The production department performs processes such as panel cutting, squaring, edging, drilling, pantographing, edging in softforming, ABS, PVC, and furniture assembly.

As well as semi-finished articles for kitchens, MR Marmiroli also produces laminate doors with different decorations and ABS trims.