Tall cabinets

Tall cabinets for kitchens are produced in standard sizes, to be compatible with the structures of other manufacturers.

For structures, MR Marmiroli uses water-repellent repellent laminate melamine faced chipboard (thickness 18 mm), bordered on the sides with matching edge for the visible parts.

Base and top elements are pre-drilled and fitted with dowels for glueing or pre-assembly. The fiancé is foreseen by the perforation: for the shelves, or alternatively for the guide of the drawers; for the joining screws between the various modules; for the hinges. All boyfriends and bases are provided by the milling for the insertion of the back.

The structures are supplied to the customer in ready-made and packaged kits; the package includes:

  • Hardware: Assembly kit, joint and shelf support.
  • Structure: sides, bases, shelves, chains, back.

The support feet of the columns, the hinges and the handles for the preview must be purchased together with the columns in the appropriate menu.

Tall cabinets

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