For kitchen frameworks, MR Marmiroli uses water-repellent laminate melamine faced chipboard (thickness 18 mm). For other furniture, the company normally uses laminate melamine faced chipboard. Each part is edged where necessary. Visible parts have an ABS trim while concealed parts have melamine edging.

Base and top elements are pre-drilled and fitted with dowels for gluing or pre-assembly. Side panels are pre-drilled for shelf support elements, drawer guides or chains depending on the furniture. Side panels, base and top elements are milled for insertion of the back panel.

Quality and speed

Wall cabinets, base cabinets and tall cabinets in kitchens are produced to standard sector sizes, to be compatible with the structures of other manufacturers. The client is supplied with packaged ready-to-build kits, complete with accessories, each unit individually packed, to save time and effort during assembly.

MR offers a finished quality product in rapid times.

Efficiency and innovation

For the production of semi-finished products for furniture, MR Marmiroli purchases materials directly or outsources production, taking the utmost care in all processes requested, from samples to technical drawings on request.

To meet new production demands in the sector MR Marmiroli periodically invests in the purchase of new state-of-the-art equipment and machinery. 

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