Panel Saw

Automatic load to ensure high production speed and performance. Panel dissection up to mm 5600 x mm 2200 mm. Sophisticated software optimizes measures set by the customer according to various panel format available, producing as many useful parts as it is possible, minimizing the scraps.

Double Sizing-edgebanding softforming production line

Our sizing-edgebanding unit is made of a Stefani CS/Bimatic used as first machinery for parallel edgebanding, in line with a panel saw Homag -Holzma HPL to cut bars already edged. Different thickness of edgebanding: from mm 0.3 to mm 2.0 in ABS, or various types of Softforming edgebanding.

Sizing-edgebanding machine

A second production line IMA Combima allow to size and to edgeband the other two sides of the panels, or to edgeband the cut on the 4 sides with only two coats, also for small quantities.

Drilling machine

Biesse Technology drilling machine allows to drill and dowel cuts in large quantities: 25-30 pieces per minute.


Alberti Format 90 machine for drilling and pantographing of small batches.

Drilling Machine

Homag – BHX200 for specific drilling and pantographing.

Packing and storage

Robopack used for secured packing with stretch film. This method allows to transport the product all over the world in containers, with an identification label with a bar code for automatic inclusion in the customer's management program. Each shipment is labelled with indications on content and weight as per amendment SOLAS 74: this allow us to save on custom weighing costs.

Inline assembly

We have 3 inline assembly. One is equipped with a clamping machine, one is equipped with stretch film packaging used for the disassembled furniture kits.